Homemade Ice Cream near Colosseum

A sweet news! The original Italian Tiramisu!

Homemade Ice Cream near Colosseum

Now you can enjoy the true, original Italian tiramisu, that delicious chocolate and coffee, in our ice cream shop near the Colosseum! Comfortably seated in our inner room, or a walk to the sights of Rome thanks to the practical packaging takeaway, you can enjoy a moment of pure relaxation roaming through the fresh and creamy taste of our homemade Tiramisu.

The recipe is the original Italian, the defect is only one: creates dependence goodness!

Homemade Ice Cream near Colosseum
Our craft product par excellence is the ice cream. Our ice cream is offered in different sizes and quantities of taste. At the ice cream Al CoNosseo you can find these possibilities, a cone or cup:
small ice cream with 3 flavors: from 2.00 to 2.50 euro;
medium ice cream with 3 flavors: from 3.00 to 4.00 euro;
great ice cream with 4 tastes: 5.00 euro;

Homemade Ice Cream near Colosseum
Soft and tasty crepes stuffed or simple! Here you will find Crêpes stuffed with Nutella, Nutella and Banana, ice cream, jam or sugar.

Homemade Ice Cream near Colosseum
Granite & Milkshakes
Refreshing granita for the warm season or fruit smoothies and fresh milk or ice cream.